Office Space Designing Essentials

Office Space Designing Essentials

By Ishani Arora / Published by Studiokon Ventures

Your workspace speaks volume when designed & executed in the best way; the kind of interiors reflects a lot of information about you. The design of your workspace subconsciously affects the mood and productivity of your employees as well the clients visiting your company.Here are few tips to ease out the designing of your workspace:

 1. Color Scheme: While neutral colors are the most popular in offices, a dash of bright colors gives energy and enhances the environment of the workspace. A blend of perfect color scheme sets the tone of the company. 

2. Lighting: The most important part of the office, the more the natural light, the happier the environment is. According to a study, natural lighting keeps people more alert and more productive. Flexible lighting solutions works best for the workspace. 

3. Fit: A good fit of the office, with a balance of space and a flexibility of expansion. Let your employees and clients get bedazzled with your office. 

4. Furniture & Safety: Taking into account ergonomics, the furniture should be specifically designed for office as this can also take a toll on employee productivity. Choosing the furniture which blends with your working style and make your people feel relaxed at work is the key to success.

 Your office space makes a visual statement while the look of your office is your brand extension. Just like your visiting cards & website, it creates a brand identity amongst the clients, visitors etc. Choose out some creative office interior designing services by Studiokon Ventures Pvt. Ltd. (SKV), helping you out to design your office space according to your brand along with its timely & quality execution. 


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