Off to Switzerland

In preparation for the trip I've been rereading some recent Dwell stories that feature Swiss design, the Detour we did in Zurich in particular. I'm also planning to grab a drink with architect Felix Oesch, designer of the wonderful Swiss Mix house we covered in February's Prefab Issue. It's such a rare treat to meet someone face-to-face who lives so far away and has only been a voice on the phone or fingers typing at the end of an email.

I also want to ask you, the Dwell community, what you make of Swiss design, and what I should do to fill my few spare moments. Is there a shop in Basel I shouldn't miss, a cafe in Zurich or a building in Lausanne? Were you thrilled when Peter Zumthor won the Pritzker Prize or is Le Corbusier more your speed? I'd love to hear from you all, and do keep an eye out for my dispatches from abroad in the newly christened Postcard section of

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