Live Your Off-Grid Fantasy With This High-Design Portable Power Station

Power your lifestyle with EcoFlow’s new DELTA 2 portable power station.
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Smart home appliances and gadgets may get all the glory, but in our books, the real winning appliance for a modern home shouldn’t be limited to the confines of four walls. 

Whether it’s powering your backyard barbecues, latest outback camping adventure, or #vanlife fantasies, portable generators are a must-have. 

Unexpected power outage? Device-charging when you’re out on the road? A family power station is essential for keeping you connected to comfort and convenience. More than just a battery, the DELTA 2 portable power station from EcoFlow is a taste of freedom—and already on our holiday wish list. 

Hit the road, with all the convenience of home.

This power source is ideal for everyday life or far-flung adventures alike. The DELTA 2 provides effortless energy access, with unparalleled recharging speeds from 0 to 100-percent charged in just 80 minutes. (Plus, solar-charging capabilities make it easy to replenish when you’re adventuring off the grid.) 

The DELTA 2 offers an unbeatable output for all your essential devices. With a generous, expandable power capacity—1024Wh to start, with the ability to double or triple with additional batteries—it’s a powerful product in more ways than one. 

Here are five ways to make the most out of this smartly designed family power station. 

Supercharge your #vanlife

There’s something romantic about living off-grid and paving your own path—no wonder #vanlife has grown exponentially in popularity over the past decade. But even as you’re chasing sunrises and the freedom of the open road, there’s no harm in embracing creature comforts. The travel-sized, high-powered DELTA 2 is there to provide juice for everything that helps make your adventure bigger and brighter. 

Every camping trip is a glamping trip with the help of a portable power station.

Brave the elements in style 

Spend more time soaking in the beauty of the wilderness on your next camping trip, and less time stressing about how to make your nights in the woods comfortable. Fifteen outlets and super-speed charging allow campers to power up their lights, phones, camping coolers, and other essentials. Solar energy keeps the DELTA 2 recharged on longer excursions — so why not stay an extra night sleeping under the stars? 

Power up your pool parties, barbecues, or even indoor soirees.

Make entertaining even more effortless 

Weather unexpected outages with the help of your own family portable power station — surprise blackouts don’t have to ruin your dinner party. The DELTA 2 is a quickly rechargeable power supply that offers some peace of mind. No searching for candles or panicking about your defrosting fridge: With the DELTA 2, power is restored to appliances within milliseconds, which means the party can keep on hopping.

The DELTA 2 portable power station allows remote workers to get the job done from anywhere.

Embrace the digital-nomad life 

Digital nomads, take note: the DELTA 2 might just be your new best friend. Whether you’re working from your own backyard or from a desert island, the portable electrical source provides the freedom to work wherever and however you see fit, while still providing power access for your router, laptop, phones, and other work gadgets you might need to get the job done.  

Enjoy all your essentials, even if you’re off the grid.

Power your remote dream home 

Your fantasy of living or vacationing remotely in a humble tiny home is easier than ever when a portable power station is part of your arsenal. Power your essentials in even the most rugged of locations: no complicated electrical lines required. EcoFlow’s range of portable solar panels can collect clean, highly efficient (and totally free!) power to fully replenish the DELTA 2 in three to six hours. 

Want to try the DELTA 2 for yourself? Dwell readers can enjoy an exclusive 5% discount with the code EFSD5OFF. 

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