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Though your average scented candle has all the subtlety of a marching band, when Valentine's Day hits one does occasionally want to set the mood with a bit of odoriferous firelight. And if you aim for something just a tick more seductive than Christmas tapers in grandma's candlesticks or (if you're really scrounging) finding a February purpose for the old menorah, think about this quartet of candles from ODIN.

To look at they're all alike, the same sleek glass container in minimal black. But as each candle is modeled on one of ODIN's prize winning fragrances (the company just won a 2012 FiFi Indie Fragrance Award for its sixth scent, 06 Amanu) what you're really getting is a lovely low flame married to a unisex scent. The four you've got to choose from include the woodsy spice of 01 SUNDA, the citrusy 02 OWARI, 03 CENTURY's dusky chypre, and the floral 04 PETRANA.


Though your average scented candle has all the subtlety of a marching band, this quartet of candles from ODIN have just enough scent for creating a cozy home.

I'm also a fan of ODIN's latest fragrance 07 TANOKE—not yet a candle, I fear. It's another unisex fragrance that strikes a bass-heavy, cedar note. All the candles go for $65 and can be bought from ODIN's website.

Aaron Britt


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