A New Way to Shop on Dwell

A New Way to Shop on Dwell

By Dwell and Dwell Solutions
We’re excited to reveal a new way to shop products on Dwell, and it all starts with the new “Products” tab.

Every day, we add new and iconic goods that we’ve hand-selected and researched. We tell you the backstory of every product we’ve curated, including the materials, construction, and inspiration. We’ll also link you directly to vendors who we know will provide you with great service. 

Discover and learn more about products found in Dwell photos. If you see something in a photo that is not yet annotated, go ahead and comment on the photo: "Hey @dwell what is this?"

Besides the Products Tab, products can also be discovered just by looking at Dwell photos. When looking at photos you'll begin to see annotations placed directly on the images, allowing you to discover new products easily, and naturally. 

See what's new on our Products Tab here.

If you have any questions, send us an email to feedback@dwell.com.


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