My Escape to the Hollywood Hills

For the first half of June, my company was gearing up for our annual Los Angeles convention, which gave me the brilliant idea that I had to make a vacation out of it. How could I travel from New York City to L.A. for a business meet up, and then come straight back without enjoying its sunny weather, breezy beaches, and palm tree-lined streets? 

 I immediately set out to find the perfect little modern place where I could have access to all of the city’s amenities, while also feeling hidden away in my own private cabin. With Airbnb, I found the ideal guest house nestled in the lush Hollywood Hills that looked out to incredible views reaching all the way to the ocean. The single bedroom was just the right size and as soon as I saw the outdoor space with the swinging daybed, I was completely hooked. 

What’s even better is that my host Mathias was more than willing to share some of his favorite spots, which was needed as I very rarely visit the West Coast for purposes other than business. As a film producer and cameraman, he was the best person to share his in-the-know advice for go-to places to eat, shop, and explore. My first day off after the convention, I began my day with breakfast on the outdoor porch and then hit up my host’s first three suggestions which included the Hollywood Bowl, Runyon Canyon Park, and the Farmers Market on Third Street—fulfilling my top three goals of getting in my fill of nature, nightlife, and locally-grown food that I then took back to cook for myself the next evening. 

 What came out of this extended stay, you may ask? Well, I didn’t want to leave. My last morning there, I literally had to pull myself away from the cozy bed as the sun streamed in through the windows that looked out to the sun-drenched hills. As I set my feet onto the sheepskin rugs that lined the wood floors and made my coffee for the day, I told myself I’d be back soon. Next time, I would find a couple of other modern cabins on Airbnb to set up shop with a whole gang of friends. And first thing to do would be to finish Mathias’ expert list with a couple of good friends at my side.  

Find out how you can rent this space yourself by getting in touch with Mathias #livetheredwellthere


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