Mohawk General Store Picks

Kevin immediately led me to these Onia boardshorts made of some lovely prints from Liberty of London. The New York company got ahold of some rather splashy fabric for these shorts. Says Kevin: "I was like, damn, I love it."

On the furniture side, Kevin pointed me to this vignette consisting of a small teak console (1960s or 70s is his guess) with a vintage receiver, and a wire basket for holding LPs. "It's nice to match period pieces of the same era," he said. And also noted that in Sunset Junction many of his clients are musicians with a fondness for vintage gear.

Bo weighed in on the women's gear side showing off a cuff made by Jensen-Conroy. It's a brass cuff with some knit work over the top. She says she likes because she's not seen anything else like it and the maker is a friend.

For my part, I'd have to choose the Carneys' incredibly sweet pup Baguette as my favorite find at the Mohawk General Store. I don't the adorably scruffy mutt will make it to Dwell on Design, but the Carneys will. Be sure to check out Kevin in conversation with Jordan Kushins on Sunday the 26th at 11:30 on the Design Innovation stage.

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