Modern Wares by Norm Architects Make Us Fall in Love with Scandinavian Design All Over Again

Multidisciplinary studio Norm Architects was founded in 2008 by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Kasper Rønn. The studio works with residential architecture, commercial interiors, industrial design, photography, graphics, and art direction. The duo decided on the name “Norm” because they work within the traditions and norms of Danish design, while refining them to create something new. Bjerre-Poulsen and Rønn have joined the Menu brand—a Scandinavian design company—as art directors, curating furniture and lighting collections and launching their own collections within the brand. This includes Menu’s Norm dinnerware collection, featured here.

The Norm Dinnerware Collection was designed in 2010 when Menu and Norm Architects began a collaboration with Copenhagen restaurateurs Cofoco to create tableware products that expressed a decidedly Nordic sensibility for the new restaurant Höst. The result is a clash of urban modernity and simple rusticity, a collection with a color palette that recalls crisp Nordic winds. The new Norm Collection, along with the restaurant itself—also designed by Norm Architects—calls to the Danish countryside and modern Copenhagen, in the cool colors and simple silhouettes created by each product.

The Norm Dinnerware Collection for Copenhagen restaurant Höst is defined by its simple silhouettes, evocative color palette, and versatility. It includes plates, bowls, and glassware.

Norm Architects designed the structural space of Höst, alongside the dining tables, curtains, dinnerware, glassware, and even the pendant light fixtures. The result is a truly cohesive space that captures exactly what Norm Architects strive for in its name—to honor the traditions and norms of Scandinavian design while breathing newness into each piece. Be sure to visit the Dwell Store, which features much of Menu and Norm’s Höst collaboration, alongside bath products, storage furniture, and much more.  

A close-up on the Norm Collection for Höst reveals the refined glazes and Scandinavian color palette.

Pictured above, the Norm Thermo Cups with Lids are designed with function and practicality in mind. With an insulating interior, the thermo cup keeps hot beverages warm, while the outer layer stays cool to the touch. The lid, which keeps contents warmer longer, can also double as a saucer.

Cast in similar colors to the Norm Dinnerware collection, these Bottle Grinders are shaped like small bottles, giving them a distinctive look that sets them apart from more traditional shaker sets.

Norm Architect’s Bath Collection for Menu includes storage containers, waste bins, soap pumps, toilet brushes, toothbrush holders, and more items. Each is defined by its cylindrical shape and sleek finish. Also pictured, Norm’s versatile Towel Ladder.

A close-up on the Norm Bath Collection, shown here in vivid, modern white.


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