Top 5 Homes of the Week With Captivating Staircases

Top 5 Homes of the Week With Captivating Staircases

Scaling these exceptional staircases is the perfect way to meet your 10,000 steps-a-day goal.

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1. Casa Picasso

The staircase in Casa Picasso by Workshop, Diseño y Construcción also functions as a small library.

Architect: Workshop, Diseño y Construcción, Location: Mérida, Mexico

From the architect: "Casa Picasso is a project that turns every square inch of available space into a functional one. Indoor-outdoor interactions serve as the foundation of the project’s design, and the use of regional materials and textures typically found in the Yucatan Peninsula provide a sense of identity. Those first entering Casa Picasso will find the living room and a double height staircase, which leads to the first of the two bedrooms. With a closet, bathroom and small terrace that looks down to the pool, this room is where the house’s name originates, for inside an artwork piece from the artist Pablo Picasso is displayed."

2. Peppertree Villa

Architect: Luigi Rosselli Architects, Location: Sydney, Australia

From the architect: "A new stair was also added due to the necessity to connect two new levels to the rest of the house, and to provide a more inviting ascension to the bedrooms on the upper floors. The resulting stair takes the form of a suspended sculptural ribbon entirely detached from the walls of the stairwell. Luigi of Luigi Rosselli Architects had to jump up and down on the treads to convince both the client and the builder of its strength and stability before they would consent to remove the temporary supporting props."

3. House of Parts

Architect: CplusC Architectural Workshop, Location: Sydney, Australia

From the architect: "Located in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs, House of Parts was designed for a family with four children under the age of six. A series of internal courtyards allows light and air to filter into the building while providing the living spaces with a garden outlook to enjoy. The dining room is at the heart of the home with a curved double height glazed wall allowing a panoramic outlook to the swimming pool. A large, curved glass sliding door follows the wall and runs seamlessly around the dining room allowing family to spill over to the outdoor dining area. The stair to the first floor wraps around the dining table, making the space feel comfortable while retaining the feeling of openness."

4. VOV Apartment

Hot-rolled metal stairs will lead you to the second floor. Under the stairs, there is a shoe rack and a wardrobe for outerwear.

Architect: ater.architects, Location: Kiev, Ukraine

From the architect: "This project was realized for a young couple with a child who are keen on fashion, music, and contemporary art. The apartment takes a two-level space of 100 sq.m and based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Hot-rolled metal stairs will lead you to the second floor. Under the stairs, there is a shoe rack and a wardrobe for outerwear."

5. Lago House

Interior designer: Vieyra Arquitectos, Location: Valle de Bravo, Mexico 

From the interior designer: "The interior design project unifies and integrates the spaces, creating unique spaces in each of them. A palette of natural materials is chosen with which to play with different uses, formats and presentations of these in each of the spaces. The furniture, art, and decorative elements reflect the personality of the house and of the clients. They integrate natural fabrics, pallets of earth colors, and symbolic pieces for them; achieving that they are reflected in the experience of their home."

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