Modern Cuckoo

Modern Cuckoo

Leave it to the Italians: the cuckoo clock has entered the modern. Presented at the often flamboyant 2008 Milan Furniture Fair, Paolino & Fusi's Albero clock is the latest iteration of the Black Forest classic. It is newly available through Momento Italia, a particularly passionate distributor of Italian design based in lower Manhattan known more for modern classics like the round time clock (below) than anything reminiscent or sentimental.
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Since the mid 1700s, the cuckoo clock has been a pendulum-driven invention. It imitates the call of the cuckoo bird—which family of birds also includes the roadrunner—at the catharsis of a series of pipes, bellows, and a wire gong. More recently, and in the case of the Paolino & Fusi example, the clock is fueled by a quartz battery using a German-engineered cuckoo system, constructed out of ebonized or wenge wood. The Italians may have modernized it, but the background music keeps to its Black Forest roots. This is a kinder, more sensitive cuckoo: it only deigns to sing during the day. The cuckoo stays quiet at night.

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