10 Modern Cat Beds That Won’t Clash With Your Decor

10 Modern Cat Beds That Won’t Clash With Your Decor

Cats love to lounge, so we might as well make nap time cute.

If your cats are like mine, every cardboard box that enters my house is suddenly the new favorite sleeping spot. It’s kind of sweet, but unfortunately for my furry friends, the recycling must eventually be taken out lest my home become a clutter of bedraggled boxes.

If you’re searching for a cozy place for your fur baby to snooze, these much-cuter options—like a miniature sofa or a wall-mountable wooden house— will accommodate your feline friends while preserving the feng shui.

Cat Person Canopy Bed
Best for small to medium sized cats, this 3-in-1 bed can be adjusted to your cat’s preferences, and its modern design looks great in any home.
Tuft + Paw Puff Cat Bed
Structure and softness come together in the Puff, entirely shaped of contoured foam. The inner bowl is as firm and supportive as it is cozy and warm, with its rim serving as a headrest. The Puff works equally well as your cat’s primary bed or as a moveable napping spot for the floor or sofa.
Nooee Toby Small Pet Cave
Provide your pet with a peaceful spot to snuggle, snooze or just hang out—even pets can use a bit of privacy now and then. The pale grey felt pet cave looks sophisticated and understated in the modern home, its cozy finish pairing well with the striped interior cushion.
MyZoo Spaceship Alpha Warm and Cozy Covered Cat Bed - Walnut
This cosmically cozy cat bed features an acrylic dome design that lets your cat look out while curled up happily inside. The large entry hole provides easy access to the bed, while four smaller air holes encourage healthy air circulation and reduce noise echoing.
Fukumaru Wall Jungle Cat Bed
Built with durable rubber wood, this minimalist cat shelf matches with every type of interior design. It also works as a space-saving alternative to the tradition cat bed, saving ample floor space. Can be combined with our Wall Jungle series to build your cat's dream playground on your walls.
Necoichi Cozy Scratcher Cat Bed
This circular shaped bed is made from 100% recycled paper and designed with a replaceable scratching pad that’s also reversible. Not only will your cat companion love to curl up in this ultra-modern piece, but she’ll also love scratching away to help keep her claws strong and healthy.
Paws & Purrs Modern Pet Sofa
This minaturized sofa is the perfect lounger for your dog or cat. ...
Juccini Wool Cat Cave Bed
A spacious and cozy hideout for cats, large and small or large. Each cat cave is handcrafted in Nepal from 100% all-natural Merino wool. Soft yet durable, the wool creates a resting place that keeps your cat warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
Trixie Vienna Indoor Wooden Cat House
The purr-fect cat home. Its cat shaped front opening makes for an adorable touch to any room! This cat home includes two special spots for curling up and napping—your kitty will love lazing the day away on both the plush mat and the built-in top hammock.
Tuft + Paw Stellar Cat Bed
Humans appreciate the Stellar for its striking design. For cats, it’s simply an otherworldly escape from the everyday activity of the home. A semi-rigid, breathable sphere envelops a custom-fit faux fur blanket for total comfort and security.

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