Moby Tape Dispenser
By Dwell and

Clearly I'm a pushover for wooden versions of common household goods--I still love my wooden pushpins even though their damned little round heads come off at the least prompting--and I confess to feeling the same for this tape dispenser. Staplers, pen holders, Rolodexes, we've ceded them all to that great bland Staples aesthetic of black plastic and dull stainless steel. The odds that this tape dispenser does a better job than the one you've already got are slim. Though when you finally cast that one across the room, unable to face another day of a desk covered with uninspired office accoutrements, Moby is the only place to go.

Designer Jonas Damon strikes again, this time turning his eye to another oft-stashed-in-the-back-of-the-desk object: the Scotch tape dispenser. Recalling a grinning whale, Moby is bound to brighten any desktop.

It's available for pre-order now from Areaware's website. It will become available in just a few weeks time on November 10th.

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