This Low-Slung Australian Home Lets the Flora Take Center Stage

Moat’s Corner pays homage to its setting on Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula with plants that were cultivated for 70 years.
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Stretching across 53 acres on Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula, the rural property on which Moat’s Corner rests was home to some of the first settlers in the area. So when the current landowners wanted to create a residence over the existing footprint to celebrate its rich past, they requested the space to be as much observational as it would be functional.

Named after a local pioneering family, Moat's Corner is a contemporary residence located on 53 acres on Melbourne's Mornington Peninsula.

Up for the challenge, award-winning firm Vibe Design Group has designed the tranquil abode to thoughtfully respond to the integrity of its setting. Refined and precise, the residence centers around a garden, which is of itself a homage to the past. For nearly 70 years, plants were cultivated and collected for the site, resulting in a rambling and diverse array of flora across five acres of the property.

Encased in glazing, the residence welcomes an abundance of warm, natural light throughout.

The sprawling residence opens itself up to the garden at every opportunity, allowing for a breezy outdoor connection.

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Acknowledging the life that surrounds it, the home opens itself up to the garden at every opportunity, allowing its residents to not only celebrate the past but also to be at one with nature.

The home's main level observes the surrounding gardens. Perched at mid-canopy height, the glazed walls completely soak up the greenery that surrounds them.

In the sitting area next to the bedroom wing, the exterior panels take the form of interior bookshelves. Framed with glass above, below, and between, the shelves allow nature to peek through.

A look at the bathroom sited in the cantilevered bedroom wing.

A natural, stacked-stone fin is the grounding element below the cantilevered bedroom wing.

As a result of its elevation, the bedroom wing allows vegetation to nestle gently under and around with minimal disturbance.

A look at the elevated west wall and entry. Here, insulated black panels spaced in glass cladding guard the home against harmful weather while reflecting beautiful silhouettes of the garden.

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Project Credits: 

Designer: Vibe Design Group / @vibedesigngroup

Builder: Icon Synergy

Structural Engineer: NSIENT Consulting Engineers

Landscape Design: Paul Bangay

Kitchen Cabinetry: Poliform Australia

Other Cabinetry: de Wacht Cabinets & Design

Succulent Garden: Colin Hyett Design


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