Manchester Modernist Society

Made up of enthusiasts, lay-preservationists, and those in love with the city's built form, the Manchester Modernist Society is just what every town ought to have: a living cognizance of what has been, a desire to hang on to the best bits, and an enthusiasm for what's next. One of my favorite parts of the site is this sneak preview of a design map. I just grabbed a quick screenshot, but visit the interactive map itself to see what's on a handful of walking routes alliteratively dubbed the Beleaguered, Beautiful, Brutal, and Bold.

I also watched a pair of elegiac videos dedicated to two 20th century buildings in Manchester, the Midland by Edwin Lutyens and Granadaland, a television studio by Ralph Tubbs.



Have a look at the pair of videos and be sure to poke around the site. Good work, MMS! Keep it up!

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