Manage Your Next Design Project with Dropmark

Manage Your Next Design Project with Dropmark

By Jonathan Simcoe / Published by Jonathan Simcoe
Any project that is worth doing, is worth doing right. Staying organized and focused is critical if you want to execute well over the long haul.

Dropmark is a tool from Brooklyn-based Oak studio that is helping some of the world's best creatives organize their projects, share inspiration, collaborate with teams and sync around the things that are really important during
project work.

Today I'm going to walk through some of Dropmark's core features and talk about what makes it so special.

* * *


If you've ever heard of this thing on the Internet called Pinterest, then you will quickly understand Collections—they are simply a way to organize and group various kinds of content (Dropmark accepts PDF files, Hex color values, images, you name it—you can even take notes and save them right in the app).

A Collection could be a future remodel project, a collaborative design you are working on, or maybe a quick inspiration board to get your ideas flowing in the right direction.

With Tags and Stacks you can also further organize and sort a vast array of information in a collection in any way imaginable.


Sometimes the items you are collecting lend themselves to be displayed in different ways. Dropmark is flexible in that it allows you to customize the layout for the type of content.

Saving a bunch of links? The List layout is probably what you want. Collecting vast arrays of visually interesting stuff? Then the Pinterest-y Masonry layout is probably going to better suit you.


One of my favorite recent additions to Dropmark is the ability to paste in a series of HTML hex colors (e.g. #FFFFFF, #000000, etc.) and Dropmark will generate color tiles in the place of the standard images.

This makes it versatile in culling together color inspiration along with notes related to the given project. How many times have you had color ideas for a project sifting around but nowhere to capture it alongside relevant project artifacts?


The last feature that I'll call attention to is the ability to Annotate and dive deep into the details around a given piece of content. Not only can you capture an image that inspires you but you can mark and note exactly what inspires, much akin to Dwell's beautiful image annotation tool.

These wonderful features make Dropmark a powerful place for collaboration and deep thinking—features that are needed in order to do meaningful team work or collaboration around a project.

* * *

I could go on and on about all the wonderful ways that Dropmark enables collaboration. Teams, Commenting, File Uploading, Web Clipping, Bookmarks, Screenshots. Also rumor has it that they have an iOS app in the works. ;)

But really the best way to experience Dropmark is to take it for a spin on a real project.

Try Dropmark

This is the first in a series on tools to help empower creative thinkers and doers.


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