Make Your Mark with the AJOTO Pen

The AJOTO pen is a joy to hold and use—a perfectly balanced writing instrument to rule all others.

I've used many pens in my time as a designer. Having a solid pen in your arsenal is a critical tool to help aid the success of any thought-laden endeavor. That being said, not all pens are equal. In fact I can usually tell within the first few moments of holding a pen if I will like it or not.

The weight, the materials, the balance, the flow of the ink. All of these things are visceral factors that can be determined quickly and either keep me coming back time and again or result in the shunning of the said tool to the bottomless pit at the bottom of my desk drawer.

I'm delighted to say that the AJOTO Pen (and its accompanying case) hits nearly every note for me.

* * *

The Design

What drew me to inquire of AJOTO to receive a sample pen was the sublime sense of minimalism and construction quality they brought to the pen. I had never seen a pen that seemed to hit the design notes that I look for in a tool. The photographs on their website and even the images I captured don't do it justice.

The engraving on the upper barrel and the notched grooves on the twist cap are a result of finely honed and machined steel.

The pen I received was the Stainless Steel. The clean minimal lines and the polished barrel are solid in the hand. I love that its neutral hue matches any notebook, desk, or situation I carry it in. Its versatility makes the stainless AJOTO suited for any writing environment or use case.

Writing with AJOTO

I must admit, a rollerball is not my first choice in pens. As a product designer who does interface sketching or chicken scratch notes I usually prefer an assortment of micro felt-tip pens, or a straight ball point.

That being said, I think the AJOTO might convert me. I've user rollerball pens in the past but the AJOTO has very solid and sure flow. What makes many rollerball pens fall down is their lack of substantial weight. Because of the way the ink flows with a rollerball, the hefty but balanced weight of the AJOTO allows the ink to flow in just the right amount and aids the hand in flowing with the ink seamlessly. It actually helps overcome the issues I've perennially had with rollerball pens. And that is a good thing.

Attention to Details

What deserves special mention is the precision and craft that AJOTO puts into the selection of materials and the partners they choose to work with. From the selection and process of the vegetable tanned leathers to the packaging, to the materials used for the actual construction of the pens, everything is carefully thought through and planned. This quote from their website sums it up well.

The Packaging

"Don't judge a book by it's cover", the old adage goes. It is true that what is inside is what really counts. But if what is inside is truly splendid, as with the AJOTO pen, then by all means, the packaging can and should reflect the item's true nature.

The metal-wrapped cork inner shell aptly reflects the material quality of the pen itself.

The silver foil pattern-stamped outer packaging is exquisite. A thing of beauty in itself.

I could almost feel the joy and care that went into designing every detail of the packaging, from the inspiring messages hinted when you peel back the outer wrapper, or the engraving in the metal housing. The whole experience is crafted from inside out.

* * *

The AJOTO pen is something you have to experience firsthand to appreciate its nuance in craftsmanship and superb quality. For the design-conscious creative or as a gift for a friend, the AJOTO pen will not disappoint.

Visit their shop, and find out for yourself.



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