Check Out Letters and Feedback from Our Latest Issue

Check Out Letters and Feedback from Our Latest Issue

Readers share their thoughts on recent issues.
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"Last night I opened the May/June issue and reread your Editor’s Letter that begins, 'Don’t waste time trying to have a perfect home.' I’ve devoted two years to a remodel. I’ve consulted with four architects and four designers, spent the cost of a new car doing it, and concluded that you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince or princess. 'Find and create your own moments of beauty' is very good advice."
—Roger Magyar

The cover of the May/June 2017 issue.

"Regarding the home in Sweden in the September/October issue, the contrast between stark and ornate is too jarring for me. It’s like sugar on mushrooms—the pairing is an amusing surprise, and lets you taste each more clearly, but dumping two extreme tastes together is unsettling and not deeply satisfying."

 —Tom O.

A modern, matte-black Vipp kitchen system in Gothenburg, Sweden.

"Lovely North Carolina retreat in the September/October issue. Its plan is so simple, direct, and honest, and the detailing throughout is so respectful of the material and its aesthetic. All aspects of this home speak softly and seem to say 'peace.'" 
 Luc Helterbrand

The sitting area of a North Carolina residence designed by architect and resident Michael Neiswander.

"As a longtime subscriber of Dwell—since December 2000 and I still have every issue—the great write-up on Fireclay Tile is one of the few stories I’ve seen highlighting a small business that’s carved out a niche and grown organically. Their ability to create an environment that fosters team camaraderie and pride should be commended. Congrats to Fireclay and its employees for doing it the right way!"
 —Chad J. Hudson 

A collection of handmade pieces by Fireclay Tile.

"The recent issues of Dwell full of new technologies, innovative building materials, and smart homes are all well and good, but they were not very relatable. This month, however, brought back the excitement I feel when I see good interiors, with interesting people living inside them, and brought me back to why I love Dwell so much. Thank you for thinking of the rest of us."



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