Kodak Opts for OLED in New Digital Picture Frames

By Bryan Gardiner / Published by Dwell
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It's strange. I've never actually met someone who owns a digital picture frame. Nor have I seen one in use while passing through the myriad homes or apartments of friends and acquaintances. Yet someone must be buying these things, right?

Well, Kodak is apparently trying to make the idea of a small digital frame a little more appealing with a new 7.6-inch wireless OLED screen. Featuring a razor sharp 30,000:1 contrast ratio and something the company calls Perfect Touch technology, which automatically processes images to improve exposure, brightness and color, this new digital frame at least promises to make your digital photos pop.

OLED (organic light-emitting diode) tech, if you recall, is what some handset manufactures currently use for mobile phone screens. It's also what many industry watchers believe will eventually usurp the LCD and plasma TV, given its stunning high contrast ratios as well as the slim form factors you can achieve with the technology.  Sony already has a horrendously expensive 11-inch OLED television on the market, and is promising bigger (and cheaper) sets in the future.

But back to Kodak's new picture frame. This new digital frame has the added benefit of being wireless, allowing you to stream your Flickr photo sets or simply transfer the pictures already on your PC to the unit.

At $999, it probably won't be for everyone. But as prices drop, perhaps this will be the technology that finally kick-starts what remains a sluggish and very niche market.


Bryan Gardiner


Bryan has covered the ins and outs Silicon Valley and the tech industry for close to five years, writing about everything from supercomputers to greentech. He is a frequent contributor to Wired.com and has also written for the LA Weekly, PC Magazine and McSweeney’s. He also pens a regular gadget column for NorthWest Airlines.

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