Kickstarter of the Week: Silver Gelatin Prints

By Aaron Britt
Face it, most of the reason for giving to a Kickstarter campaign is to get something in return. You're not a philanthropist, you're an investor. And though that dynamic certainly still exists when you contribute to Digital Silver Imaging's plan to buy new equipment, that will help it continue to make black-and-white silver gelatin prints of digital images, you can rest assured that you're also helping preserving a rapidly diminishing photographic process.

A trip to the museum will likely give you a chance to see silver gelatin prints of famous photos, but as digital photography replaces film, more and more darkrooms go dark. But this Belmont, Massachusetts, company aims to make honest-to-goodness silver gelatin prints out of digital images. They need help though, help to the tune of $45,000 for equipment, transport, and calibration. Here's founder Eric Luden making his pitch.


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