Kickstarter of the Week: Desk Rail

By Aaron Britt / Published by Dwell
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Cluttered desk? Can't ever find a pen? Rat's nest of cables? If so, the Desk Rail might just be the thing for you. But to see this product by a pair of young Austin, Texas designers through to market, you're gonna have to cough up a little cash, Kickstarter cash.

We like the slim profile, sleek looks, and panoply of objects you can slot into the rail. Best of all, the rail can actually sit over the top of a phone charging cord or that annoyingly long cable that connects your keyboard to your monitor. It's a smart design that's still not fully funded; coming in at the $55-level gets you a desk rail of your own. Click here for more of our favorite modern desk accessories.

Aaron Britt


Aaron writes the men's style column "The Pocket Square" for the San Francisco Chronicle and has written for the New York Times, the Times Magazine, Newsweek, National Geographic and others.

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