Kickstart Some Design II

UnSprawl Case Study Book

This journalism project by Simmons Buntin is aimed at assessing and covering a series of dense, mixed-use, green communities around the US. Buntin needs $2,500 for travel to see that these reports are kept updated and useful. He's the founder of which has published eleven of the case studies.


Becoming Julia Morgan

The goal of this fund is to remount the play "Becoming Julia Morgan" at a variety of Morgan-designed spaces around the Bay Area. Morgan is undoubtedly an architectural icon and a pioneering woman in a still male-dominated field. They hope to produce the play at the Berkeley City Club as well as the Sausalito Women's Club. The fund is over $4,000 shy of its goal with only a few days left.


Baltimore: A History, Block by Block

This photo project by James Singewald aims to shoot and document ten main commercial steets in Baltimore. He wants to capture the city's historic architecture and will used the money gained through Kickstarter to pay for equipment and to self-publish a series of books of his work in the city. He's getting close to his goal with a little over $1,000 to raise in the next month. Photo by James Singewald.

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