Joel Turkel on the Future of Prefab

Traditionally, architects have tried to design things to be prefabricated using either existing or new means, as opposed to designing functional and integrated delivery methods. Prefab will continue to be a niche approach until we can add to the understanding 
of what is possible. This means recognizing that design is only one of many imperatives in the prefab question.

Real development for the industry
will come from young designers who are able to approach the problem from a more globalized vantage point. This group is able to think in terms of complete front-to-back business models. They are aware 
of the needs and limits of manufac-
turing processes but also are versed in new technologies, entrepreneurial methods, how capital works, strategic partnerships, and the importance of marketing and branding. This group will not design buildings but rather solutions for distributed delivery methods like those promoted by Kent Larson at MIT, who is leading the way toward rationalized industry-wide changes to benefit us all, rather than just promoting an individual vision or aesthetic.

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