Jaime Hayon for Lladro
By Dwell and

Hayon, perhaps more well-known for designing Camper shoes, has just released "The Fantasy", a line of whimsical and happy reinterpretations of Lladro's themes of love, family, childhood and the magic of the circus. Colors are tiffany blue and luscious greens; there are red hearts here and there. "The Lover I, II and III" is a series that treats the playfulness of the emotion: a man sits, legs crossed, with a hat that's a cross between a martian helmet and a chicken head; a bird sits on his head. He wears red Campers. "Family Portrait" is a touching modern scene of mother, father and baby: a golden lamp sits between them. Dad wears blue Campers. And Cactus is a bit of a cross between a cactus, a Christmas tree and a martian's hat: birds flock around it, and it's likely the most cheerful rendering of a succulent you've ever seen.

Whimsy: it's the most appropriate emotion for objects that serve no function other than to delight.

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