Jacob May Design

Jacob May Design

By Heath Ceramics
Measure twice, cut once

Jacob May founder Dave Ball lives and works in Oakland, a city he loves for its rich and thriving design community. It was the natural place to devote himself full-time to woodworking after leaving a corporate career.

Stacks on stacks

A stack of finished walnut butcher blocks sits in his studio. Dave carefully reads the grain of the wood to create beautiful patterns. On average, each piece takes about 5 hours to make from start to finish.

Lumber support

Dave splits his time in his workshop making new designs for custom buildouts, furniture, and retail clients as well as developing ideas for his product line.

Slicing and dicing

Jacob May uses only domestically sourced lumber, working closely with his local lumberyard.

The Nomad Table 

Made with constantly moving city dwellers in mind, Dave developed the Nomad table (shown here in Natural Walnut) which conveniently packs down for easy travel. 

All in the details

Expert craftsmanship is evident in the details of this patchwork tabletop, shown here in Oxidized Oak. With a sleek, simple shape, it’s designed to let the beauty and variety available from a single wood species take center stage.

Built to break down

The Nomad design utilizes both antique joinery techniques and modern hardware to create a classic yet simple table that can be broken-down, flat-packed and moved very efficiently. Only "metal-to-metal" hardware is employed so that the table can be broken down and re-assembled hundreds of times without the risk of stripping screw holes.

Forget your toolbox

The single tool required for assembly is contained beneath a leather flap under the table. 


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