Intelligent Design
By Bill Fritts / Published by Dwell
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Solutions offered in association with “work” in the 21st century must be directly connected to how people work and to how our planet works. You cannot attend to one without affecting the other. We are a pretty smart bunch of critters but our implements of office work do not demonstrate that yet.

Solidcore is a group of simple systems of furnishings for the office: work stations, desks, executive suites, and conference rooms. We considered 
effects from fabrication through distribution, use, and life cycle. We thought, What if we designed in less design?
Our endeavor is to recalibrate expec-
tations and reintegrate nature and the work environment, increasing productivity, morale, and effectiveness.

Intelligent design: The future of the office is about providing a balanced response to the environment and the person in the office—at home, in the park, on a plane, or wherever the “office” happens to be.


Bill Fritts


Founder, Intelligent Design

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