Instagram Find: Guess the Project

Instagram Find: Guess the Project

By Aaron Britt
Follow the right folks on Instagram and you'll get a daily glimpse of buildings all over the world. Follow Melbourne-based architect Kevin Hui of 4site Architecture, and you'll get an education. Each day Hui posts a picture from his architectural perambulations (the man appears to do nothing but photograph cool buildings) and encourages his followers to guess what it is. But good luck guessing, design nerds. The answer is never Fallingwater.

Nope, Hui's projects are tough. Especially because instead of focusing on the great modernist canon, Hui is far more interested in displaying the best in contemporary design by the biggest names in the game. But don't think that a passing knowledge of Zaha and Rem is enough to make you a #guesstheproject wizard, Hui often posts a telling detail instead of the entire building. So if you think you can tell a Nouvel staircase from a Siza, find @swank_e on Instagram and try your hand at the best social media/architectural guessing game out there.

This one, which Hui listed as "Difficult" is Anton Garcia Abril's Music Studies Center in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Photo by Kevin Hui.

This is Gary Chang's (EdgeHK) Suitcase House near Beijing. Photo by Kevin Hui.

These towers are by by Kenzo Tange in Balogna, Italy. Photo by Kevin Hui.


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