Inspiration Everywhere: Nate on Working with LG Studio

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If you’ve ever taken on a kitchen renovation, you know it can be a stressful and expensive process. So you can imagine that after overseeing literally hundreds of them, Nate’s seen it all. And now he’s bringing all his experience, advice, and – like everything he does – style, to kitchens around the country in his role as Artistic Advisor for LG Studio.

In his role as Artistic Advisor Nate inspired the design of the new LG Studio line of premium kitchen appliances – featuring a refrigerator, microwave oven, and ranges – that just became available nationwide. They’re also sweeping the Pinterest boards of all those planning their dream kitchen – and with good reason!   

"Working with the LG team was such a privilege, because their job is to make the most up-to-date, hardworking appliances available on the market today," Nate says. And his job? "To marry that functionality with high design. Your appliances need to look good, now AND 10 years from now." Here, here. Scroll down for Nate’s tips on choosing the best appliances and how investing in quality makes for an all-around happier home. 

On investing in the best: You want your appliances to be well-styled, professional-looking, and extremely hardworking. Because, bottom line, if you don’t start with an innovative, hard-working appliance, it doesn’t matter what backsplash tile you’re using.

On collaborating with LG Studio: LG Studio is at the very forefront of technology and innovation. Working with them has been such a great experience, especially in how open they are to our ideas and what we brought to the table design-wise. We all share a passion for the same thing – creating beautifully made appliances that will go the distance 

 On the special details in the collection:I’m obsessed with the door-in-door refrigerator feature. And the water dispenser is genius – it’s tall enough that you can easily fill a vase for flowers with it.

And on the true importance of quality appliances: When you start living with the kinds of features LG builds into their appliances, you realize it frees you up to spend more time entertaining and hanging out with the people you’ve invited into your home. What could be better than that? 


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