Innovations in Prefab

Innovations in Prefab

By Erika Heet
We shine the spotlight on architect Whitney Sander, who will join us onstage at Dwell on Design Los Angeles in May to discuss what’s new in the industry.

Architect Whitney Sander will again be on the show floor at Dwell on Design Los Angeles in May with an exhibition focusing on advances in the prefab milieu. Sander has tackled everything from a pair of town homes in Los Angeles, California, covered in material typically reserved for bus graphics, to an impressive desert canopy house in Palm Springs, California, to be featured in an upcoming issue. Sander will also join us onstage for a discussion, Innovations in Prefab, to talk about building this prefab desert gem, as well as up-to-the-minute information on what’s happening in the world of prefab.

Sander’s Hybrid houses use a prefabricated metal frame, skin, and roof, allowing fabricators to manufacture the most expensive parts of the houses at a fraction of the normal costs.


The Canal House in Venice, California, is composed of three cubes: one raised at the street as a studio, two together at the canalside as the residence. In its concept and execution, the house is informed by two ideas, one embracing the possibility of the poetic, the other a more specific kind of material formation.

The soaring central atrium of the Canal House. A pseudo mobius strip of 1" sanded (horizontal) acrylic forms a divider/wall/handrail, which wraps around and through the upper house level, encircling the central atrium.

From an unlikely source comes a clever privacy solution for a pair of Sander's prefabbed town houses in Los Angeles: bus graphics.


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