IconJar is an Incredible App to Manage Your Icons

IconJar is an Incredible App to Manage Your Icons

By Jonathan Simcoe / Published by Jonathan Simcoe
The Dutch may be known for many things, but icons aren't normally one of them...

...that is, until now. IconJar is a modern macOS application from Davey Heuser and Curtis Hard that allows you to manage any kind of icon imaginable with a minimal and focused charm.

Just about any modern piece of design, from web to print to books to magazines all utilize icons to communicate concepts clearly and efficiently—even across language and geographic barriers.

IconJar is essentially a library container that allows you to drop any icon in just about any format on the planet (SVG, ICNS, TTF, PNG, OTF, GIF, PDF, WEBP) and organize them very quickly into Sets (collections) and Groups (folders).

Instead of going exhaustively through every beautiful corner of IconJar, I'm going to highlight three things that set IconJar apart from other icon management solutions: speed, QuickLook, and export.


I have around 18,000 icons in my IconJar library. Loading, switching between sets and groups, and searching my massive library happens natively and instantaneously.

This is a massive feature that most apps neglect. It is one thing to make an app that has a beautiful and intuitive interface (which IconJar does), but it in entirely different to create something fluid and fast that can handle anything a user throws at it with grace (which IconJar also does).


Another thing that sets IconJar apart is the ability to hit Spacebar with any icon selected to activate QuickLook.

QuickLook has a HiDPI mode toggle, as well as the ability to preview the icon in various dimensions, set it against a color background, preview with a fill color, or even export the selected icon.

If you've every worked with SVG vector icons or wanted to test how an icon would hold up over various backgrounds in various colors, QuickLook makes it easy to iterate, play, and test without having to leave the application that holds your entire icon library.


The biggest pain working with icon in any project is exporting them accurately and quickly. Again, IconJar excels at both.

Quickly select one or multiple icons and click Export and you will get a handy dialog (especially if you've selected SVGs) that will allow you to bulk export and specify custom sizes, prefixes, suffixes, filetype, and fill color.

I've never seen another application handle the complexity of export in the way IconJar so effectively does.

* * *

I could go on and talk about how you can drag an icon font file into IconJar and have it auto-parse and generate icons from the file, or how you can drag icons out of IconJar and into Sketch or just about any other application.

But I'll let you explore these and IconJar's numerous other features for yourselves. You won't be disappointed.

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