Hot Tropic Part 1

By Emma Geiszler / Published by Emma Geiszler
Take a visual journey through a week of art, tropical inspiration, and color.

Last week, we took a little trip to Miami, and what an incredible adventure we had—and it was all thanks to you, our community.

When I first stepped off the plane, I had no expectations. I started with a list of adventures shared from all of you, and I felt spoiled to begin with such a great base of local knowledge. So, here it is: Stop 1. Part 1. Because let's be honest—Miami is a photographer's dream—or at least it was for me. 

Let's start in Wynwood, the heart of Miami's art district. 

P.S. Thank you for the suggestion, SAUSHI, Simon Ingall, Abbie Watson and Colleen Parker !

Hot Tropic
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Hot Tropic
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Hot Tropic
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Hot Tropic
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