Hope for the Jet Set

Hope for the Jet Set

I'm about to hop on a transatlantic flight and am not looking forward to 12 hours in the same tiny seat.
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I'll be flying Air France, but I wish I was getting a chance to check out one of the Airbus A380s instead.

Some A380s—depending on the airline and how they've decided to deck the thing out—have showers, private first class cabins, flat beds, cashmere blankets, and fancy bassinets that help babies sleep better (and more quietly). And according to a recent article in the New York Times, at least one airline has figured out a way to slim down economy seats to allow for an extra inch of legroom, plus they've added six inches of width to each seat.

That same plane, the Quantas A380, will boast the bar pictured above and fancy LED lights that "wash the interior with colors that change subtly throughout the flight. Each shade is selected to create the ideal mood for a particular activity, like sleeping, waking or eating, regardless of time zone." Yeah, that would be nice. And so would this bathroom (with a window!).


The icing on the cake?  At least Quantas doesn't plan on charging anymore per seat on the A380 than what they charge for a flight on their 747s. Where do I sign up?

All images via the New York Times


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