Lake|Flato’s Wellness-Focused Haciendas in Dallas Start at $589K

Lake|Flato’s Wellness-Focused Haciendas in Dallas Start at $589K

By Jenna M. McKnight
The new residential development offers first-time homebuyers, empty nesters, and down-sizers the perks of living in the city—but room to breathe.

As urban dwellers will attest, one of the biggest drawbacks to city living is the lack of private outdoor space. 

It’s a shortcoming that prompts many to pack up and head for the suburbs—a migration pattern that could be intensifying in the coronavirus era, as fresh air and space to stretch out become more precious than ever. These days, there’s no shortage of stories about urbanites fleeing for greener pastures. 

Haciendas by Lake|Flato Architects are pure, boxy volumes that are topped with hipped or gabled roofs. 

For those craving suburban amenities, but who aren’t quite ready to give up their urban lifestyle, a new single-family housing development in Dallas could serve as a good example of how to get the best of both worlds. 

"This is unlike anything that’s ever been done in the city," says Brent Jackson, who heads the real estate firm behind the project, Oaxaca Interests. 

The roofs are covered in metal panels finished with Kynar, a type of plastic coating that enhances durability. 

Called Haciendas, the speculative development is located in West Dallas—a long-neglected area that has undergone significant investment in recent years, leading to an influx of new residents and a budding cultural scene. 

The project is being constructed on a patchwork of vacant parcels near Interstate 30, in an area dotted with modest, older dwellings. The site is just two miles from the center of downtown. 

Exterior walls are sheathed in stucco with a hard-troweled finish that looks similar to concrete. 

While duplexes and apartment buildings are sprouting up in the densifying district, Haciendas offers something a bit different: the chance to own a standalone, modern home on a lot ranging from 5,000 to 15,000 square feet. Each single-story residence comes with a yard and a carport, and prices start at $589,000. 

"We want to sell to the buyer who wants to own urban property with a large amount of land, relatively speaking," says Jackson. 

A vaulted ceiling helps the main living area feel bright and expansive. 

In addition to a piece of land to call their own, buyers will get a home designed by one of Texas’s preeminent studios, Lake|Flato Architects. 

A practitioner of regional modernism, the award-winning firm—which has offices in San Antonio and Austin—is well known for infusing its buildings with a high level of craftsmanship and respect for context. 

A spacious main bedroom is dressed with desert-themed decor in one of the model homes. 

For the Haciendas project, the firm created three separate floor plans, all of which share a contemporary design vocabulary and an emphasis on indoor/outdoor living. 

The dwellings, which range from 1,550 to 1,850 square feet, are intended to attract first-time homebuyers, along with empty nesters and down-sizers. 

The design team had young parents in mind while conceiving the sleeping areas. 

"The Haciendas were designed as a new type of adaptable urban infill that can appeal to a variety of lifestyles," says Grace Boudewyns, an architect at Lake|Flato. "The primary goal is to promote outdoor living as an extension of the home."  

Each floor plan holds a minimum of two bedrooms, along with two bathrooms, a laundry facility, and an open-concept living/dining area. 

A bedroom can easily be converted into an office—a nice perk for those who work from home. 

One plan is roughly T-shaped, while another is comprises offset bars joined at the center. The third features a trio of volumes neatly organized around a central courtyard. 

The plans are configured to make the most of deep, slender lots. 

Bathrooms are fitted with alcove tubs, drop-in sinks, and semi-enclosed showers. 

The dwellings look nothing like a traditional cookie-cutter home. Austere, boxy volumes are topped with gabled or hipped roofs that are flush with exterior walls, creating a crisp silhouette; the roofs are covered in metal panels coated with Kynar, a type of plastic that provides extra strength and protection. 

In the kitchen, stainless-steel appliances are paired with light-toned cabinetry and countertops. 

For the facades, buyers can choose between corrugated metal in shades of white and gray, or stucco with a hard-troweled finish that resembles concrete. Glazed apertures are carefully placed in response to the region’s intense summer heat. 

The kitchen offers plenty of space for cooking up a family feast. 

Inside, one finds a bright and cheerful atmosphere: Concrete flooring is paired with creamy walls and white trim. Tall windows and glazed doors enable natural light to stream in while also providing a connection to the outdoors, including that vast Texan sky. 

Soft, natural light flows in through glazed windows and doors. 

At the heart of the dwelling is the living/dining area, where vaulted ceilings help the space feel particularly expansive. 

Colorful decor in a model home offers a nice contrast to white walls and gray concrete flooring. 

Physical and mental well-being were key concerns for the project. 

In turn, the team used non-toxic materials and added special features such as ultraviolet-light air purifiers—a nice perk during a pandemic. 

Backyards are enclosed within wire fencing that helps preserve a sense of openness in the neighborhood. 

The inclusion of outdoor space is also part of the wellness strategy. Private yards give owners the chance to plant a garden, install a fire pit, or set up a playground for the little ones. 

Enclosing the yards is greenery-laced, mesh fencing, which affords privacy while maintaining a sense of openness. Outdoor areas were conceived by Hocker, a Dallas-based landscape architecture firm. 

Blue papasan chairs add a pop of color to a sheltered patio. 

So far, interest in the Haciendas development has been promising. The first four houses have been completed, two of which are under contract. Jackson said the healthy living elements have been a big draw. 

"It was really important for us to incorporate wellness into the home, and it’s proven to be of great interest," he said. "These homes give owners the chance to focus more on quality of life."  

Haciendas by Lake|Flato floor plan

Haciendas by Lake|Flato floor plan

Haciendas by Lake|Flato floor plan


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