Greenpoint's New Gem

Greenpoint's New Gem

By Jamie Waugh
There's something fascinating that happens when creative types are placed in a new geographical context. A screenwriter might start developing place-dependent characters; a painter might start sketching. But if you're a former Director of Visual at Ferragamo and Gucci, you do something like buy and sell. We're talking about John Krenek, who after having spent a good deal of time in the Catskills and other eye-pleasing international destinations, has developed quite the curatorial aesthetic. Enter West and Green: his new store opening at 190 West Street in Greenpoint. It's the most compelling new secret in New York City interiors.

The store is truly  a spot cared for by someone who makes rather than follows the rules of style. John's rule: if you love several disparate items they likely go together, because after all—they have you, their admirer, in common. The store is a fabulous collection of charming collections and individual one-of-a-kinds from mid-century French (Atelier de la lain reptile-textured table) to 19th century Bavarian (rich-hued ceramics); reasonably-priced John Darien plates to crafty interior objects by Catskill-based designers Gwen Carleton and Serv ce Station.

What there is not: a website, but do inquire at 718.349.2890. The store opens October 3.
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