Greenbuild Conference: FLOR

InterfaceFLOR certainly thinks so. In addition to their already progressive modular flooring system, the company is tapping into current technology trends with the recent launch of, a sustainably focused social network. Visitors will be able to take advantage of expert advice, learn from other enthusiasts, and get plugged into local grass roots efforts. The site is still in the initial beta phase, so it will be interesting to see just how successful and effective the novel online venture will be.

The web aside, FLOR itself is still one of the industry leaders setting the bar for what a green company should be. Their products contain recycled content—like many—but they also utilize an uber-efficient supply chain, offer a take back reclamation program, are certified by a third party sustainable standard, and have just released a new zero glue installation process. If only we could expect the same level of environmental ambition and commitment from every company who waved the green flag, maybe we’d be happy to see the term on every product, label, and service.

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