Go Inside the Whimsical and Geometric Mind of Gert Wingårdh

Go Inside the Whimsical and Geometric Mind of Gert Wingårdh

By Dwell
You won't forget the buildings by this Swedish architect after you see them.

Founded by Gert Wingårdh in 1977, Wingårdh is one of the largest and most esteemed firms in Sweden. Their civic buildings are often reimagined as playful places to engage the public. By constructing transparent exteriors and twisting forms, the firm has created theaters and educational buildings that are not only eye-catching, but re-energizes city centers. Wingårdh’s houses frequently blend indoor and outdoor spaces together. Wingårdh characterizes his houses with abundant amounts of daylight and natural woods, such as pine and spruce. His designs confirm that modern architecture can be vibrant and comfortable.

Kuggen, University Hub at the Chalmers Campus Lindholmen Located in Gothenburg, Swede, Kuggen is a university building to connect various departments together. Designed look different at all angles, the triangular windows alternate between glass and glazed terracotta panels. The build mixes leasable offices and classrooms to cultivate an active town. Aside from its striking appearance, the building is equipped with motion-activated lighting and ventilation systems to save energy. 

Villa G The exterior of Villa G is made from vertical wood slates that reference trees from the surrounding landscape.

Aula Medica This auditorium was designed for the Karolinska Institutet, a medical university in Sweden. An auditorium had been desired by the university since the 1940s and Wingårdh saw this opportunity to not just create a lecture hall, but a place of gathering between the school and the town. Again, the architect used distinct geometries to twist the elevation with glass panes. 

Spira This performing arts center in the city of Joönköping features an undulating glass facade. A pine interior nicely complements the sleek exterior. The building warms the foyer with sunlight and in the summer opens up to a terrace outside. 

Villa Kristina Featured in our May issue, Wingårdh created a home in the suburbs of Gothenburg for a young couple. Villa Kristina sits atop a rugged west coast and Wingårdh looked to Alvar Aalto's summer house for inspiration to determine the best form to fit the landscape. 

The House of Sweden The House of Sweden is not your typical embassy in Washington, D.C. Instead of a closed-off building, Windgårdh built a translucent structure that is open and inviting. In the entry level, sliding doors open during warmer seasons and even features a lily pond. Inspired by a wicker lamp, the wooden balcony that wraps aroun the entire thrird level light up in the evening to emulate Nordic light.  

Royal Swedish Embassy in Berlin The Royal Swedish Embassy in Berlin is part of the Nordic embassy complex at Tiergarten. The complex features fives Nordic country buildings and one shared building. to connect with the existing buildings, all the buildings use copper laminae. Wingårdh's design stands out while fitting in by using various materials on different sides of the building. The south facing side towards the Finland embassy features limestone while the side facing Norway is clad in diabase.

Arlanda Tower Based on a classical tripartite, the flight tower in Sigtuna, Sweden is composed of three components: based, shaft, and capital. Influence by light houses with contrasting colors, the tower black and white stripes. 

Fjallbacka House Wingårdh designed this vacation home for two midcentury furniture dealers on the western coast of Sweden. The three-bedroom house is comprised of several pine-clad boxes connected together. The house features a roof deck to enjoy the views of the sea. 


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