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By Micha van Dinther
Through engineering work for brands like Muuto, industrial design duo David Geckeler and Frank Michels have evolved a distinct creative dialogue.

Berlin-based design duo David Geckeler and Frank Michels display a sensibility and savvy well beyond their age. The pair, who met at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, founded their studio in 2013 in a bid to fuse Geckeler’s feel for engineering and technology with Michels’s intuition for narrative and simple constructions. "We fight through complicated questions and different positions to ultimately end up with a fruitful solution," says Michels, referring to the creative dialogue that forms the base for their collaboration. Their first joint discourse includes the Nerd chair and barstool for Muuto, while more recent creative output has instantiated in designs that are "an interplay between graphic and geometric elements by playing with volumes confined by thinner boundaries." Ossa, a stackable storage system that resembles
a pile of moving boxes, was presented at Milan’s Salone Satellite 2014 and is expected to be in production shortly. For 2015, look for a set of chairs and a collection of tableware.

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Geckeler Michels - Photo 1 of 6 -

Hollow centerpiece by Geckeler Michels of Berlin.

Geckeler Michels - Photo 2 of 6 -

Geckeler Michels' Nerd chairs for Muuto.

Geckeler Michels - Photo 3 of 6 -

Nerd barstools for Muuto.

Geckeler Michels - Photo 4 of 6 -

Ossa storage module by Geckeler Michels.

Geckeler Michels - Photo 5 of 6 -

Pialla table lamp.

Geckeler Michels - Photo 6 of 6 -

For 2015, look for a set of chairs and a collection of tableware by Geckeler Michels.