Furnishing Utopia By Hancock Shaker Village

Furnishing Utopia By Hancock Shaker Village

By Design Milk / Published by Design Milk
Shaker Design Reinterpreted

Story posted by Leo Lei

Furnishing Utopia, which we first spotted at Sight Unseen OFFSITE, is a minimalist collection created in collaboration by the Hancock Shaker Village and the Mt. Lebanon Shaker Museum with 12 renowned international designers. A week-long workshop was conducted at two preserved Shaker sites, allowing the designers to access an extensive archive of objects as well as engage in a dialogue with the museum’s curators.

Daybed by Darin Montgomery

Often credited as the first minimalists, the Shakers and their furniture have inspired countless modernist and contemporary designers all over the world. However, their presence is confined to a limited number of sites within the United States, and individuals rarely have the opportunity to interact and experience these pieces in person. 

Furnishing Utopia’s mission is to provide designers with direct exposure to original Shaker artifacts, and as a result, invited twelve designers from six countries to produce designs that translate the ingenuity and aesthetics of Shaker objects into modern forms.

Handy Rakes by Christopher Specce

Brush Study by Zoë Mowat

Chandelier by Tom Bonamici

Sister table by Studio Tolvanen

Brother Shelf by Studio Tolvanen

Trestle table by Studio Gorm

Rocking chair by Studio Gorm

Bench by Studio Gorm

Baskets by Studio Gorm

Norm Shaker Trays by Norm Architects

Woven Stool by Ladies & Gentlemen

Work Station by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

Wooden Boxes by Jonah Takagi

Shaker Toolbox by Hallgeir Homstvedt

Doverail-mirror & Doverail-shelf by Hallgeir Homstvedt

Stove Chair & Domino Coat Rack by Gabriel Tan

Petal Baskets by Gabriel Tan

Brethren Doorstops by Gabriel Tan

Brethren Bench by Gabriel Tan

Dustpan by Darin Montgomery

Handy Folding Ladder by Christopher Specce

Handy Folding Ladder by Christopher Specce

Handy Sweeper by Christopher Specce


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