From the Show Floor: FLOR Tiles

The rug was a part of a booth run by Hold It Contemporary Home, a San Diego based retailer who sells a large number of brands. I asked one of the women in charge what the rug was, and to my surprise, she told me they were FLOR tiles. That response threw me off at first, because these weren't squares, so the tiles must have been cut in half, an effect that makes these look great. But now I'm left with a bit of a mystery.

I can tell you the wavy looking ones are called Good Vibrations, they're brand new and are featured in the newest catalog, which is sitting next to me as I write this. But, I have no idea what the other pattern is. I've scoured not only the catalog, but the website as well, and no results have shown up. It closely resembles Skip A Beat, which has a similar pattern, but the coloring isn't correct, or at least it doesn't match the image on the website or in the catalog.

Anyone know what the other pattern is? I totally need to try this out in my own apartment. It would be perfect for under the kitchen table, you'll neer see crumbs on a pattern that intense. Also, if you dig these bright patterns, you should also check out FLOR's MAG-NEAT-O pattern, which is equally as shocking and perhaps even more Missoni-like.


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