From the Annals of Incredibly Specialized Furniture

From the Annals of Incredibly Specialized Furniture

By Aaron Britt
I was corresponding with Dwell contributor Sally McGrane a few days ago when she sent this unusual little table my way. The Wannabe is witty little thing from German designers llot llov for Pulpo, and it appears to be best used in those few days when one is unpacking from a move, boxes strewn about, affairs still unarranged.

Designed to fit seamlessly over a moving carton, this powder-coated steel table certainly dresses up any stray boxes hanging about as you unpack. Here's how the folk at llot llov describe things: "It's a piece of metal to be folded around a cardboard box. Very handy in the first days of moving into a new home until everything is settled- which always takes longer than one originally plans for."

Strong enough to hold slender Germans.

Though they do have a point, moves are rarely as smooth as one hopes, and it does strike me as a staggeringly ephemeral bit of furniture. And at 120 Pounds, that's a tick over $200 for we Yanks, one wonders if the sight of a few half-empty boxes isn't so bad. A better bet might be to cover the box in paper or paint and simply hang on to the thing, using it as an end table or nightstand or some such. I suspect that the designers would recommend the same thing, considering that their other products do appear to be intended for more than a week of use.

In any case, the Wannabe is a clever design and one in a series of bent metal tables that Pulpo has done. I also like the Tappetomagico and Makrame Grafico by Diego de Conca.


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