From Deconstruction to Design: A Prefab Story

From Deconstruction to Design: A Prefab Story

By Hanni Chehak
Be the first to check out this behind-the-scenes footage of the fabulously green and awesomely collaborative project that debuted at Dwell on Design 2010 in Los Angeles. Designer Zem Joaquin, founder of Ecofabulous, rose to the challenge put forth by Dwell's president and CEO, Michela O’Connor Abrams, to furnish the inside of a modular home showcased on the Dwell on Design floor.

Ecofabulous teamed up with reclaimed space, a modular building company, to create an eco-friendly living space made entirely from refurbished materials. This interactive exhibit showed off all the bells and whistles in smart design and boasted energy-efficient appliances, a living wall, water saving faucets and extraordinary feats of reuse--all without sacrificing style or aesthetics. Check out this video to learn firsthand how and where the materials were sourced, to follow the creative process behind the building project and to experience what amazingly beautiful things can happen when we re-think, re-use and recycle.


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