Friday Finds 9.23.11

Friday Finds 9.23.11

By Dwell
The sun is shining in San Francisco and has been for days, proving yet again that our chilly city's Indian Summer is no myth. We here at Dwell spent the beautiful morning finding you fellow pencil pushers some links to keep you going until the weekend.

Column Five Media's infographic foretells what music you listen to based on your your father's favorite musical stylings. Click here for the full image.

No Ewoks to be found on vacation? Just Photoshop 'em in like this dad did.

Miyoko: Fake Vintage Muppet Concert Posters by Michael De Pippo

Graphic design, retro concert posters, and the Muppets? Yes please. (We love the Muppets, but who doesn't? On one of senior editor Jaime Gross's first days at Dwell we spent our lunch hour in the conference room watching one of the Muppets movies via Netflix streaming. It was glorious.) This week, I stumbled across graphic designer Michael De Pippo's homage to the Muppet band: a series of five designs created to look like they were concert posters from the 80s. The abstraction of each character and the aged look are spot on.

Jaime: 25 Pictures Taken at Exactly the Right Time

These photos, snapped mid-action at just the right second, range from adorable to juvenile to downright wrong—but they will definitely make you laugh out loud. Happy Friday!

Amanda: Mukimono

If you can get past the music (I suggest muting the sound), this Mukimono video is really quite something. Mukimono—the art of intricately carving vegetables—is a skill that is so beyond my own ham fists that I can only sit and marvel.

Diana: How Your Dad's Music Influences Your Taste

Oh how I love infographics, especially this one by Column Five Media. Apparently I'm destined to listen to Muse (not true), but finding that out was great fun. Click on the link above for the full graphic.

Everett: The Mystery Box

Words of wisdom: "Frog, you know life, life not all guessing game, Frog. Sometimes we have to care about friends. Especially friends who love cookies. Friends who love cookies so much they play silly guessing games for cookies."

Jordan: Dad photoshops Ewoks into family vacation photos

This made my morning ---> Star Wars-fan dad tells daughter Ewoks live in Sequoia National Park. None were spotted on their family vacation. Daughter is bummed. Dad photoshops Ewoks into pics from the trip. Everyone is happy!!


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