Friday Finds 8.13.2010

Friday Finds 8.13.2010

By Fida Sleiman
The Dwell editors are here to start your weekend off with the best of the best, the cream of the crop, and the top of the heap on the interwebs!

I came across these photos of illuminated bodies floating down a lazy river in Molinicos, Spain, and was transfixed. The work "Floating Presences" by the Spanish lighting collective Luzinterruptus is part of the Rizoma Art and Music Festival, and they are at once lovely and ghostly. At first they seemed to be corpses drifting downstream, but upon further reflection, and a bit of playful posing by the artists, they could as easily be pre-human as post. In either case, the scenery is incredible, and the lighted forms must make evening strolls in Molinicos all the more charming.

Amanda: Minotaure covers from the 1930s

I've always loved mythology, particularly Greek and Roman, so I was intrigued by this collection of covers from the 1930s arts journal Minotaure. I'd never heard of it before, but after reading this post on The Nonist, I now know that Minotaure was a periodical that only published thirteen issues over the course of six years. The subject matter was a mishmash of contemporary art, science, and literature. What's truly amazing, though, is the list of legendary artists that contributed cover illustrations—Arp, Chagall, Miró, Ernst, just goes on and on. Neat stuff—I'd love to get a look inside an issue one of these days.

Amy:  Matej Kren's Installation

This week a friend pointed me through to artist Matej Kren's latest installation in Bologna.  Pretty amazing stuff, all created with books and mirrors.

Fida: The Working Proof

I discovered The Working Proof this week, an insanely cool online gallery. They have emerging artist create limited-edition prints that are paired with a non-profit of the artists choice. Once sold, 15 percent of the profit goes toward that charity. It is a simple way to expose new artists and support long-standing charities. The partners behind the brand, Anna Corpron and Sean Auyeung, also run the firm sub-studio as well as the sub-studio design blog, which I make sure to check out often.

Jaime: SPUR's 'Secrets of San Francisco'

Being new here at Dwell, I'm still finding my way around the landscape both inside and outside our offices. Aiding the latter pursuit is this cool 'Secrets of San Francisco' map and guide to 68 of the city's privately-owned public open spaces, known as POPOS, produced by SPUR, the San Francisco Planning + Urban Research Association. Thanks to the guide, I've found lots of urban gardens and plazas near my office, so I have no excuse to eat lunch at my desk.

Jordan: Stamps of Disapproval

My lovely colleague Miyoko sent me a link to these Stamps of Disapproval this week and we both had a good chuckle at the all-too-real critical sentiments expressed in quick, easy-to-use form. Graphic designer Heather K. Phillips made them as part of her MFA thesis at the Rhode Island School of Design; If they were Dwell-specific, I'd have to add the following oft-used phrases: "meh" and "Bar F" (the creative process can be so much fun!!). If you're in NY this weekend, a) I'm very jealous and b) you should stop by Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene for Make, Do, which will be featuring super cool work for sale from RISD graduates.

Miyoko: Pencil Tip Micro Sculptures by Dalton Ghetti

Nothing has blown my mind lately as much as these pencil-tip micro-sculptures by artist Dalton Ghetti. Using razor blades, sewing needles, and sculpting knifes, he carves intricate designs (like interlocking chains or hearts) out of the graphite. After you gape at Ghetti's work, you can read more about him in this 2007 New York Times article.


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