Friday Finds 12.23.11

Friday Finds 12.23.11

In this edition of Friday Finds, a look at Seattle's burgeoning design scene, a compendium of clever bookshelves, a photo essay of volcanic activity around the globe, and more. After today, Dwell is off for the Holidays, so see you in 2012 for our next installment of design finds!
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Jaime: Seattle's Design Scene

I'm going to Seattle for the holidays, as I have for the past 8 years, so I was excited to come upon this article. Various local designers (Iacoli & McAllister, BLK Pine, Ladies & Gentlemen) have banded together to form loose collectives, which are pushing the city's design scene forward. Who knew?

Kelsey: How Your Whiskey Stones Sausage Gets Made

The Anita shelf as seen on The Blog on the Bookshelf.

Chile's Puyehue volcano sends up a cloud of ash in June of 2011.

For the perpetual note taker, Reading Notes are a useful product.

We have an entire week off between Christmas and New Year's, and you better believe I'll be getting cozy with some of Tennessee's finest (bourbon). The best way to keep spirits cold without watering them down? Whiskey stones, the miniature soapstone boulders inspired by a longtime Scandinavian drinking tradition, as interpreted by Teraforma co-founder Andrew Hellman. Teraforma hired 150-year-old workshop Vermont Soapstone to fabricate the cleverly-designed cubes, mined and milled from local deposits around Perkinsville, VT. This video by Galen Summer follows Glen Bowman, a 20-year vet of the company, as he demonstrates the process behind the whiskey stones, 3 million of which have already been made. Hint: cement mixer.

Aaron: Bookshelf

Take a spin through this blog dedicated to clever creative bookshelves and (didn't realize this existed) bookshelf culture. From what's on the shelves of famous thinkers to one-off shelves, book storage never got so concentrated an examination. Plenty here as well for those who want a good does of interiors eye candy.

Diana: 2011 in Volcanic Activity

I found one of my favorite end-of-year reviews over at the Fox is Black. This photo essay of volcanoes and their aftermath was originally featured on the Atlantic. The imagery of ash-covered homes, flowing lava, and massive smoke plumes is phenomenally striking, as are the shots of people going about their daily business like nothing is happening or trying to get up close and personal to the action. Needless to say, I'd be fleeing the scene.

Tammy: Singing Christmas Hedgehogs

Need a singing Christmas hedgehog to get through Christmas Eve's eve? This interactive video from Bird Box Studio lets you pick your own hedgehog, then a song, activity or outfit for the performance part of the series.

Katie: Reading Notes

Reading notes are for anyone who have ever highlighted, underlined or jotted thoughts down in the margin of a novel. The set includes a self-adhesive pocket (reminiscent of a library check-out envelope) and one tiny notebook, ready to pen book club discussion topics. In an age of Nooks and Kindles, it's refreshing to read and record keep the old fashion way.

Leah: Snow Miser – Heat Miser

A little music video with a dash of holiday flair and a bit of a flashback to add to your Friday fun. He's too much!


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