Friday Finds 12.02.12

Friday Finds 12.02.12

By Dwell
In this installment of Friday Finds, a new look for Burger King in Singapore, Star Trek fan fictions in 140 characters or less, and an artful look at Berlin.

Love fan fictions? And Star Trek? Then check out the @TNG_S8 feed on Twitter.

Jaime: A New-Look Burger King

Burger King Asia-Pacific has hired design collective Outofstock to revamp their restaurants, and they recently unveiled their pilot design at this Burger King Grill in Singapore. Definitely a new direction, and surprisingly pleasant, with all the wood and brick. Hard to imagine in the U.S., though. Take a look here.

Aaron: TNG Season 8

This Twitter feed suggests hilariously parodic/spot-on plot lines for episodes of the fictional eighth season of "Star Trek: The Next Generation." I cannot describe how hard I have laughed at this thing this week. I've not seen a clearer understanding of Commander Riker in some time. A sample from the feed: "A Ferengi merchant's magical toys are powered by dangerous Borg technology. A field trip of child geniuses embarrass Geordi." Engage!

Katie: Little Printer

One of German artist Matthias Heiderich's photographs of Berlin.

Looking for a holiday gift? Jenny Odell's Every Outdoor Basketball Court in Manhattan was just released by 20x200.

Hello Little Printer, available 2012 from BERG on Vimeo.

It's true—big things do come in small packages. Little Printer, designed by BERG, happily (yes, even with a smile) doles out receipt sized print-outs tailored to you. Using your smartphone, this cube shaped device brings daily puzzles, harmless gossip, birthday reminders, your grocery list, and yes, even Foursquare check-ins at the touch of a button. Little Printer won't be here in time for the holidays, but will be available for pre-sale in 2012.

Tammy: Color Berlin

Need a dose of high-saturated color, architecture, and design all at once? Check out self-taught, Berlin-based photographer Matthias Heiderich's slew of photographic collections from around Germany. Need even more? Also visit Heiderich's Behance portfolio.

Leah: The Black Keys—Tighten Up

A little music video fun for your Friday. Frank is a funkasaurus rex.

Diana: Every Outdoor Basketball Court in Manhattan

San Francisco-based artist Jenny Odell has just released a new print through the online affordable art gallery 20x200. For her artworks, Odell uses satellite imagery to capture images of our landscapes. Past projects of hers include images of swimming pools, stadiums, and this time she tackles the Basketball court.


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