Friday Finds 11.5.2010

Friday Finds 11.5.2010

By Fida Sleiman
Lot's of great finds this week—from The Beatles to the Giants—to cruise you through the rest of the weekend. Enjoy!

Alexis: Copy Artist

Photographer Michael Wolf's new body of work called "Copy Artist", depicts the artists of knock-off famous paintings posed in interesting environments, like back alleys and city streets of China. I love the strangeness of these portraits, where fine art meets urban grit.

Fida: Pantone Wallstore

It's no secret how much we love all things Pantone here at Dwell. Here's yet another product that I am drooling over, the Pantone Wallstore, a magnetic board and storage space. It comes in many beautiful colors, and each wallstore has product details and emotional cues related to the color on the back.

Amanda: Claudio Edinger's photographs of São Paulo

I'm excited about 1500 Gallery's upcoming exhibition featuring Brazilian photographer Claudio Edinger. Using a large-format camera and selective focus, Edinger's images of his hometown are a gorgeously rendered take on a teeming city full of architectural masterpieces. Click here to see a sneak peek at a few of the thirty images from the show, and if you happen to be in New York in December, try to stop by. Hard to choose, but my favorite image from the collection is of the São Paulo Museum of Art, by architect Lina Bo Bardi.

Aaron: I Am Not an Artist Gifs

Nothing better than a raft of cheeky designy animated Gifs, right? Of course. Check out this charming selection from the folk at I Am Not an Artist. They're funny, neurotic, and there are loads and loads of them. Gifs!

Jordan: Giants Madness

Oh man, San Francisco went absolutely nutso when the Giants won the World Series on Monday. The champion fellas were treated with a parade on Thursday morning, and the Dwell offices just happened to be right around the corner from the route. Insanity: so many people, so many fans, so much excitement, lots and lots and lots of Bay Area pride. We took a bunch of photos ourselves, but SF Gate had quite a cool (and extensive) slideshow of the black-and-orange mayhem.

Sam: Sam's Myth

Illustrator and musician Sam Smith's largely visual blog is a delight for the eyeballs. I've been enamored of the package and poster designs he recently completed for the cult japanese film House that led me to his blog. Some of my favorite entries are for House, Poland magazine, and Japanese illustrator Tatsuro Kuichi.

Miyoko: Paintings by Chris Ballantyne

I can't get enough of painter Chris Ballantyne's fantastical landscapes: They border the real and the impossible and are simple yet so complex. That he replicated and created new images on the walls of the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto for an exhibit is even cooler. Check them out.

Jaime: The Beatles live rooftop performance

I love this version of 'Don't Let Me Down,' a live performance by the Beatles on a rooftop high above London in 1969. Great song, wrenching delivery (even with the flubbed lyrics), fur coats, furrier hair, Yoko lurking in the background, passersby peering up from the sidewalk with wonder and confusion, and tons of great period detail.


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