Friday Finds 11.26.2010

Friday Finds 11.26.2010

By Fida Sleiman
Take a break from holiday shopping this weekend, and check out this week's finds. A gift from us to you!

As music shifts and changes with the times so does its counterpart, the album cover. Our glossy 12-inch covers are being replaced by 185x185 pixel representations that lodge nicely into iTunes windows. Leave it to a Flickr group to reimagine these timeless classics with our favorite building block, the LEGO! See all your favorites from artists like Madonna, Michael Jackson, Blur, The Smiths, Pulp, and so many more. (Dark Side of the Moon is my personal fave, although I was greatly saddened to see that Spiderland wasn't included.)

Jaime: Merci Registry

My fiance and I are starting to plan our wedding for next summer, and we're still in the fun stages (I'm told it gets more unpleasant later... we shall see). One thing that's been disappointing, though, is how appallingly ugly many things related to the 'wedding industry' are. So I was thrilled to discover Merci Registry, a craft-your-own registry with stylish and tasteful templates, including the Classic version, pictured here, with a crafty handmade look, and the more clean-lined, no-nonsense Doric. I also love that it lets you cull your favorite stuff from all over, including individual items from specific shops, and also lets you ask guests for 'experiences,' like a special dinner out during your honeymoon. It basically then directs people to drop cash into a Paypal account, which is slightly less classy—but eminently practical when you're full up on housewares but short on splurgy honeymoon cash...

Amy: Angled Enamelled Shades

I wouldn't say no to any of the reclaimed lights from SkinFlint Design, a company based in Cornwall UK, but am particularly fond of these little gems.

Miyoko: Room optical illusions by Nils Nova

Though we're big supporters of small spaces, we're not going to say no to transforming a little room into one that appears quite a bit larger. Artist Nils Nova creates images that generate the illusion that the space extends far beyond its physical boundaries. He's done quite a number of installations—and documented them in quite a number of images—so get clicking.

Aaron: Trunk Magazine

Just the other day I was at the Kartell shop in San Francisco and I ran across a new travel magazine called Trunk. Then, not a week later I found myself face to face with its editor-in-chief in Mexico City. Only one issue has run so far, but in the interest of promoting all things print, I urge you to have a look. Not only does it feature wonderful photography, but it's a well-curated take on many corners of our world. Stories run longer than usual in travel mags, and you're sure to learn much much more than which restaurants near your hotel in Belize are run by chefs who have been on the Food Network.

Fida: Mash Up Breakdown

This site gives you the best of two worlds—you are not only listening to the music of Girl Talk, but also viewing a breakdown of all the songs that are sampled in the mash up. Brilliant.

Amanda: Hand-cut Paper Works by Jill Sylvia

Color Study, 2009. Hand-cut ledger paper and matte board.

I had a couple quiet moments this morning, appreciating these beautiful, arresting artworks by paper artist/sculptor Jill Sylvia. Amazing precision and composition.


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