Friday Finds 11.25.11
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Dwell favorite Donna Wilson designed this oh-so-giftable wool scarf.

Dwell favorite Donna Wilson designed this oh-so-giftable wool scarf.

Jaime: Jeff Canham Flags for The Standard

San Francisco-based artist Jeff Canham, who works in the collective studio space Woodshop (I wrote about the place here), recently created a limited-edition series of nautical flags and pennants for The Standard's online shop. Each bright, graphic piece loosely represents a letter of the alphabet (pictured above are "B" and "F"). There are still a few left, if you're looking for a one-of-a-kind holiday present...

Aaron: Woody Allen Boxes a Kangaroo

PBS ran an epic documentary on Woody Allen this week, and this hilarious video of Woody boxing a Kangaroo in the mid-1960s has been making the rounds. It's by turns funny, worrying, slightly queasy-making, and then ultimately satisfying as the none-too-happy-to-be-there roo finally gets his licks in. Woody looks like he doesn't want to belong to any boxing club that would have him for a member.

Leah: This Way Up.

The cold weather is upon us and while searching for a new scarf, I discovered this whimsical design by Donna Wilson. It is knitted with 100% lambswool and is perfect for the guy or gal in your life. Nice and toasty.

Diana: United Visual Artists Canopy + Construction

"Untitled," 2010, Mick van Woert

London-based art and design practice United Visual Artists created this 90-meter-long light sculpture in Toronto's Maple Leaf square inspired by the dappled light that shines through a tree canopy. Isn't it great when art, architecture, and nature collide?

Eujin: Nick van Woert

These two epic fragmented busts crafted from fiberglass, polyurethane plastic, gravel, and steel by a Brooklyn-based artist Nick van Woert are downright exquisite. I can just imagine these hanging out in my living room. A reinterpreted classic at its best.

Julia: Stamped

Stamped from Stamped on Vimeo.

Stamped is a new app for recommending only what you like best: restaurants, books, movies, music and more. It does away with stars and strangers—just the good stuff and just from your friends. The simple, clean, nicely designed feed looks great. Give it a try!

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