Friday Finds 11.25.11

Friday Finds 11.25.11

Not quite ready to brave the masses headed out on this Black Friday? Sit back, help yourself to some Thanksgiving leftovers, and scroll through this week's installement of Friday Finds.
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Dwell favorite Donna Wilson designed this oh-so-giftable wool scarf.

Jaime: Jeff Canham Flags for The Standard

San Francisco-based artist Jeff Canham, who works in the collective studio space Woodshop (I wrote about the place here), recently created a limited-edition series of nautical flags and pennants for The Standard's online shop. Each bright, graphic piece loosely represents a letter of the alphabet (pictured above are "B" and "F"). There are still a few left, if you're looking for a one-of-a-kind holiday present...

Aaron: Woody Allen Boxes a Kangaroo

PBS ran an epic documentary on Woody Allen this week, and this hilarious video of Woody boxing a Kangaroo in the mid-1960s has been making the rounds. It's by turns funny, worrying, slightly queasy-making, and then ultimately satisfying as the none-too-happy-to-be-there roo finally gets his licks in. Woody looks like he doesn't want to belong to any boxing club that would have him for a member.

Leah: This Way Up.

The cold weather is upon us and while searching for a new scarf, I discovered this whimsical design by Donna Wilson. It is knitted with 100% lambswool and is perfect for the guy or gal in your life. Nice and toasty.

Diana: United Visual Artists Canopy + Construction

"Untitled," 2010, Mick van Woert

London-based art and design practice United Visual Artists created this 90-meter-long light sculpture in Toronto's Maple Leaf square inspired by the dappled light that shines through a tree canopy. Isn't it great when art, architecture, and nature collide?

Eujin: Nick van Woert

These two epic fragmented busts crafted from fiberglass, polyurethane plastic, gravel, and steel by a Brooklyn-based artist Nick van Woert are downright exquisite. I can just imagine these hanging out in my living room. A reinterpreted classic at its best.

Julia: Stamped

Stamped from Stamped on Vimeo.

Stamped is a new app for recommending only what you like best: restaurants, books, movies, music and more. It does away with stars and strangers—just the good stuff and just from your friends. The simple, clean, nicely designed feed looks great. Give it a try!


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