Friday Finds 11.18.11

Friday Finds 11.18.11

By Dwell
In addition to shipping our February issue, choosing the cover for March, and beginning plans for next year's Dwell on Design, we here in the Dwell office have found a few spare moments to share our favorite web finds of the week. Scroll down for nineties favorite Third Eye Blind's homage to the Occupy movement, a video of Brooklyn-based knife maker Joel Bukiewicz in action, an LED-illuminated rollercoaster-like structure in Germany, and much more.

Tiger & Turtle Magic Mountain in Dusiburg, Germany, by Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth.

Tammy: Retrofy Your Hi-Fi System

We know your love for your iPod is undeniable, but let's get real—there's something irreplaceable about cassette tapes. Fast-forwarding to track 3 on Side A, going too far and having to rewind, and, one of my personal favorites, making mixtapes, just isn't replicated with the same emotion on a MP3 player. That is until now. Majasalmi Ltd takes a stab at bringing you back to the 80s with their AirCassette app. Not only do the app's tape reels spin with the music, but you can fast forward and rewind to songs, share your "mixtapes," and choose from nostalgic tape covers. And just when you thought you couldn't get enough of your iPhone.

Amanda: Tiger & Turtle Magic Mountain in Dusiburg, Germany

I love the look of this zinc-and-steel walkable rollercoaster-like structure in Duisburg, which just opened to the public this week. Designed by architects Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth and illuminated by hundreds of LED lights, the structure is situated on the top of a park overlooking a park in the Ruhr District. We need one of these in the States, stat.

Jaime: The Knife Maker

Made by Hand / No 2 The Knife Maker from Made by Hand on Vimeo.

I wrote about Made By Hand, a cool web video series, on last month and recently received word that they released their second video on their site. This one focuses on Joel Bukiewicz, a writer-turned-knifemaker who founded Cut Brooklyn and sharpens knives, teaches people how to use them, and crafts knives by hand. Worth a watch!

Dear Photograph brings photos of the past to the present.

Aaron: Third Eye Blind's Occupy Jam

This is what Bob Dylan refused to do, gang: to speak for a movement. But the San Francisco alt-pop band Third Eye Blind has set aside its semi-charmed kind of life and taken up the pen and the axe to record "If There Ever Was a Time" in support of the Occupy movement. Clearly this is what Neil Young has been waiting for.

Katie: Dear Photography,

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. If that is true, then a snapshot of a photograph must be worth significantly more than that! This tumblr is nothing more than lovable and a subtle reminder of what life is all about. Some happy and hilarious, others heartbreaking, but both are interesting glimpses of our existence as we remember it.

Founded in 2004, Slanted has grown into one of the most important design portals and discussion forums in the German-speaking area.

A spread from issue Slanted #15.

Diana: Twilight Zone San Francisco

Quite a humorous take on the fact that quite a few San Franciscans have flexible work schedules and can often be found basking in the sun at Dolores Park or languishing in marathon Brunch lines mid-week.

Julia: Two Cousins

This video puts a big smile on my face. It is so simple, yet quite wonderful, and makes me want to start dancing through the office. We all need more dance moves in our lives, don't we? Dance a little this weekend—I know I will!

Leah: Hudson—Against The Grain Music Video

Here's an artfully-done video showcasing an imaginative way to use coloring pencils. But beware, this soothing video will keep you entranced as you watch it over and over again.

Alejandro: Slanted

I'm currently inspired by Slanted #15, which deals with "experimental design strategies in typographic and graphic design" and incorporating "accidents" into the finished product.


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