Friday Finds 11-12-2010

Friday Finds 11-12-2010

By Fida Sleiman
We're ending the week with our editors (and new photo intern Meigan Canfield) favorite digs from the blogosphere.

I've been feeling this blog, perhaps the most spot-on parody of the fashion scene all year, for weeks. At first I feared that as essentially a one-joke idea it would lose steam and go the tired way of Unhappy Hipsters, but we're now some weeks in and the stream-of-consciousness rant/rap slaying the menswear blogosphere is as crisp as ever. It's a bit inside baseball, but if you know your McNairy from your Bastian, this hilarious site will have you busting a seam on your selvedge trou.

Amanda: I Am Dave Dawson

Developed and designed by Dave Dawson (that's a lot of D's!), this site is sheer brilliance. Maybe I am saying that because I constantly lose my phone, and devote a large part of my life to creeping around my apartment, looking under pillows and other domestic detritus. I try to say it's not my fault—"The iPhone is slippery!"—but really, the truth is that I'm messy and disorganized.

Jaime: "Afghanistan Grafitti War"

This slideshow popped up on my Yahoo news feed yesterday, and I thought I'd share—they're photographs of graffiti left behind on the walls of Musa Qala, a compound in southern Afghanistan once used by Taliban fighters and now used as a command center for the U.S. Marine Corps. Apparently the town has changed hands several times, and the evidence is on the walls, in the form of evocative, tattoo-like drawings of war scenes, portraits, and written slogans, sketched, in turns, by both the Taliban and the American military. Fascinating stuff.

Jordan: This is How Michael Caine Speak

This week, the only thing I want to do is listen to Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan elucidating how Michael Caine speaks. (The only thing besides an inexplicable NEED to play Spacehog's classic 90s jam 'In the Meantime'. Thanks Aaron!)

Meigan: Zipper Flower Ring

Embarcadero Center San Francisco California USA

I just bought one of these rings for a gift from the SF MOMA store, the design looks very similar to the ground floor of the embarcadero center. A cocktail ring for the seamstresses, the utilitarian zipper has been reimagined into a modernist accessory. It is a great unique gift idea for the crafts person in your life.

Miyoko: The Manufacturing Process of William Doxford and Sons

Don't ask me how I ended up on but so I did—and was captivated by a long series of images depicting the factory and manufacturing process of British shipbuilder William Doxford and Sons. The photos are views of the factory in 1957 and 1958 and the scale of the space and the pieces is awe-inspiring. If you like our Process section, you're sure to enjoy these shots as well. 

Fida: Lotta Jansdotter's Brooklyn Studio

I was so happy to see this tour of Lotta Jansdotter's beautiful studio space. The author of Handmade Living is certainly a lucky gal.


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