Friday Finds 10.29.2010

Friday Finds 10.29.2010

We've got two reasons to celebrate the colors orange and black this weekend—support for our hometown team the Giants (who are doing some major damage in the World Series) and the always fun and frightening holiday Halloween! Start your weekend off with this weeks picks from our editors.
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This week, Bay Area artist Jenny Odell and her Satellite Prints caught my eye. The collages feature cutouts of objects spotted on Google Satellite view (pools, water towers, freeway overpasses) then stitched together to create new images. My favorite is the "125 American Swimming Pools" print, which reminds me of David Hockney's paintings. (via Today and Tomorrow)

Fida: BlueAntStudio 2011 Calendar

Once again BlueAntStudio created a calendar with modern fun, colorful, iconic images. It's free to download—just go to Flicker, select the month, and print. Easy peasy!

Amanda: Life-Size Whale Simulation

I happened upon this earlier this week via StumbleUpon, and I have to say it really gave me pause and put the enormity of these amazing mammals in a puny human-scale perspective.

Aaron: Flight 001 Blog

Here at Dwell we've been fans of the travel gear retailer Flight 001 for quite a while. We even asked their help back in June of 2007 to help us sort through the morass of carry-on luggage. What I'd not done before is page through Flight 001's blog. It's just photos, and though I like the exotic locales in evidence, it's better as a document of travel. I'm most seduced by the photos of airports, of luggage, of flight attendants, and foreign arrivals halls. Much of it has a vintage vibe showing airports which have fallen a far sight from their 60s heydays. But as a document of the glamour that travel still exudes, it's an alluring bit of escapism.

Jaime: Russian Children's Playgrounds

Here's one of the most frightening and simultaneously hilarious things I've seen recently: a compilation of photographs of dark, spooky, and mostly Russian playgrounds, on the writer Dennis Cooper's blog. The places look abandoned but (perhaps even more frighteningly) most appear to still be in use. Scroll down for dozens of rusty slides, precariously tilting swing sets, and creepy spread-eagled sculptures. Truly haunting.

Sam: McSweeney Feature

Just a little something (with lots of NSFW vocabulary) to get you into the spirit of the season.

Jordan: Blockshelf

I love, love, love these hanging shelves from Amy Hunting. Wooden waste blocks were stacked between some simple planks and held together with cotton rope and the result is fan-freaking-tastic. It's for sale here for a little out of my price range, unfortunately, so I will have to settle for dreaming of all the paperbacks and knick knacks I'd place on there if it were mine.


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